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  1. My son got started on Xanax when he was about 21 or 22. He liked the way they made him feel. He kept taking them even though they made his mood bad. He just couldn’t seem to stop taking them. I know now how addicting they are. The Xanax also fueled an alcohol problem. I’ve read that Xanax ruins your will power. So if you are prone to alcoholism you can count on it happening if you take it.
    He got to a point where he said “Mom, my nerves are just shot.”
    I didn’t know what to do for him. I kept thinking that he would be able to quit them. The insomnia was so bad for him. He would be up all night because the Xanax ruins your ability to get a good nights sleep. When he did sleep his body would shudder ever few minutes.
    He moved up to Northern California to get away from the drugs. But quickly met a gal who was stealing them from the hotel where she worked as a maid. She was suppose to bring him some one night but didn’t show up. At 4am that morning he got a gun and shot himself.
    The news of that will forever be the most terrible thing. My life was completely shattered that day. I wish every day I could have done something to help my son.

    He was loving, handsome, smart, funny, creative, and outgoing. I will miss him everyday and hope to see him again.

    I hate Xanax. I think it is the reason a lot of people are committing suicide. It doesn’t show up in the toxicology report because it leaves the body so quickly. I think if the true numbers were known about the damage this drug causes the company that makes it would be brought to trial.
    I created this website so others can talk about their experiences and you can learn about Xanax.

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